All businesses face active threats, such as cryptomining, phishing, Trojans and ransomware. You know that every organization has its own level of risk, but can you honestly say you know yours? According to Bret Laughlin, founder of Ostrich Cyber-Risk, chief information security officers (CISOs) struggle to explain to executives why they need to invest in security initiatives, the number of incidents, access to firewalls and other technical jargon that is not the right language. for effective communication.

“It is this lack of a common language that is a major cause of the chronic undersecurity of security programs,” he says. Ostrich’s new product, Birdseye, a Cyber ​​Risk Management App, is a simple cybersecurity assessment and reporting app that allows organizations to quickly identify those risks and vulnerabilities while bridging the communication gap between CISOs and key decision makers.

Birdseye was the culmination of more than a decade of rigorous testing and development, combining enterprise risk management (ERM) principles, industry-leading cyber program assessment frameworks, and practical technical control measures, all leading to the development of a transparent and traceable method. to measure cyber risk, says Laughlin. “Ostrich answers the question, ‘What does good security look like for my organization?’ »

Ostrich cybersecurity experts emphasize how a strong cybersecurity posture requires a comprehensive picture of the unique risks an organization faces. Equally important: a security leader with the tools to accurately communicate the real and financial impact of those risks to decision makers, especially when they don’t have a deep understanding of cybersecurity, a common problem. .

Most Boards Can’t Answer These Six Questions

According to Ostrich, most advice cannot answer these six questions: (1) Are you as sure as you think? (2) How do you compare to your peers? (3) Is your cyber risk aligned with your real risk? (4) Do you have hardware cyber attacks? (5) Are you spending enough or too much?, and (6) What should you do? Unfortunately, the majority of business leaders cannot recognize what a good security posture looks like, especially when it is within their own organization.

It’s safe to say that the majority of executives share the same cybersecurity challenges, and Birdseye addresses key issues, such as, you’re too close and you’re far from informed; you cannot accurately assess your risk, evaluate your methods or justify your investments; and, you know the risk is increasing, but you don’t know how much it has increased for your business.

“The average cost of a data breach increased from $3.86 million in 2020 to $4.24 million in 2021,” — 2021 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report.

Ostrich understands the challenges security managers face. To solve the problem, they designed a comprehensive, standards-based, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand cyber risk assessment and reporting application. “With Birdseye, organizations are finally able to assess their unique risk footprint from a single screen and generate actionable and shareable insights to help them develop a stronger and more strategic approach to cybersecurity,” says Laughlin.

In other words, Birdseye overcomes communication problems between CISOs and stakeholders; it provides both parties with comprehensive, easy-to-understand data that encourages understanding and communication to take effective action against cyber risks.

Meanings behind the names Ostrich and Birdseye

What is the meaning of the names Ostrich and Birdseye? Contrary to popular belief, when ostriches are faced with a risky situation, they don’t hide their heads in the sand, says Laughlin. He went on to describe how ostriches are the fastest runners of any two-legged bird or animal and can sprint up to 45 mph and see up to 2.2 miles. They are also the tallest living bird with a height of up to 9 feet and can live for over 40 years, he says. “Like the ostrich, it’s easy to misunderstand cyber risk, especially if you don’t get the right information.”

Laughlin says Birdseye is ideal for any company that has an individual or team responsible for their company’s cybersecurity program. Most commonly, a CISO or equivalent who oversees a cybersecurity program and reports to management or a board of directors.

About Cyber-Risk Ostriches

Ostrich Cyber-Risk is a one-stop cyber risk assessment provider founded by cybersecurity experts who understand the challenges facing security professionals. As such, they have developed technology to provide a simplified yet smarter approach to cyber risk management.

Ostrich Cyber-Risk, Inc. began as a collaborative project between Arlan McMillan (CISO – Kirkland & Ellis) and Bret Laughlin, founder and CEO of Ostrich Cyber-Risk, and previously Braintrace, Inc., an international services company and cybersecurity software acquired by Sophos Inc. in July 2021, to improve the mundane, manual process that burdens C-level security managers trying to accurately and efficiently determine and report cyber risk to the business.

According to Laughlin, the goal was to “webify” a comprehensive approach and set of Excel spreadsheets comprising more than a decade of know-how and developed analyses. This methodology has been presented to hundreds of security leaders and pressure tested by Fortune 100 executives and boards.


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