In the photo above: Security will be tighter at Bowman Gray Stadium during this year’s football season. (Photo by Erin Mizelle for The Chronicle)

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Winston-Salem State University and the WSSU Athletics Department have announced new security procedures for Bowman Gray Stadium.

These procedures will take effect for the 2015 season.

“There has been considerable collaboration with the WSSU Campus Police to develop stadium procedures that will provide a safe environment and an enjoyable experience for our fans, student-athletes and officials,” said Tonia Walker, director of the athletics of the WSSU.

“While we realize that some of these policies are different from the way we could operate at Bowman Gray Stadium in the past, the changes have been made with spectator safety at the forefront of our decisions,” Walker added.

WSSU’s policies regarding match days were developed over the past year by a committee representing a cross-section of units working on Bowman Gray Stadium operations with an emphasis on providing an environment safe and a pleasant experience for the fans.

Bowman Gray Stadium Bag Restriction Policy

Goal: In order to provide a safe environment and expedite entry into Bowman Gray Stadium during events hosted by the Athletics Department of Winston-Salem State University, a set of guidelines and restrictions on items that can be carried in the stadium has been developed.

Prohibited items: In order to ensure the safety of spectators, student-athletes and staff, the following items are prohibited inside the arena of the stadium:

* Alcoholic beverages

* Artificial noise generators

* Backpacks or oversized bags (see below)

* Coolers or containers

* Explosives, firearms or weapons of any type

* Illegal drugs

* Apart from food or drinks

* Pets (except service animals)

Umbrella bag size restrictions and search: Bags larger than 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches are restricted. Size test containers will be at each gate of entry. Visual searches will be performed on all bags that fall within the size limit.

The backpacks described below are restricted: Backpack – a container designed to hold a large / heavy load and be carried on the back, usually characterized by wide shoulder straps, multiple zippers and pockets, and most often constructed of a sturdy material such as thick nylon, canvas or leather. Simple drawstring bags with thin straps and handbags designed to be worn on the back are not considered backpacks.

All prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded prior to entry.

All illegal items are liable to confiscation and the person in possession of these items is liable to arrest.

Back to school: There is no re-entry at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Exceptions: Bag size restrictions do not apply to accredited event staff, student-athletes, group, media or visiting team staff. However, all bags entering the stadium arena are subject to search and will be tagged.

REMARK: Access / control points for accredited personnel with oversized bags are designated at the North Lot (HORN $) and Service Gate entrances.



Security Policies Vs. Security Procedures


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