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VW’s automotive software unit, CARIAD, has chosen Luxoft to provide vehicle software development, testing and integration services. Luxoft will support CARIAD in its goal to create a uniform and scalable software platform for all Volkswagen Group brands, including the Volkswagen Group’s unified VW.os in-vehicle software platform.

The two companies will work closely together to strengthen current and future automotive software.

As part of this agreement, Luxoft will train thousands of software engineers within CARIAD.

Luxoft is the design, data and development arm of DXC Technology, an end-to-end technology solutions provider for critical systems, products and services.

CEO of CARIAD, Dirk Hilgenberg, said: “Luxoft is reliable and forward-thinking in its testing and integration services, which allows us to accelerate the development of our software platform and its components as well as the functionality and usability of point.

“We are proud to work with CARIAD to improve the driving experience for Volkswagen customers around the world. Luxoft and DXC have extensive experience in providing connected car, self-driving, software testing and integration solutions to the automotive industry,” adds Luz G. Mauch, Executive Vice President of Luxoft. “Our ultimate goal is to enable automakers to continually transform their in-car technology and innovate the driver experience.”

Founded in 2020, more than 5,000 developers, engineers and designers from all over the world unite their knowledge at CARIADE not only to transform the Group into a software-driven automotive company, but also to transform the car into an automotive experience seamlessly integrated into our digital lives.


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