The Transportation Security Administration reminds travelers ahead of the holiday weekend that there have been some changes in procedures since many last flew.

The TSA asks travelers to keep phones and keys in carry-on baggage instead of putting them in trash cans. They say it helps eliminate “touch points”.

The other major change is that you don’t need to show your boarding pass at TSA checkpoints. Instead, you simply hand over your license or passport to a new machine.

“Credential Authentication Technology, or CAT, contains algorithms to detect all 50 states and territories, every driver’s license and state-issued IDs, as well as passports,” explains Robert Duffy, Federal Director of Security for the TSA at LaGuardia Airport. “We can take a look at it, scan it and we’ll know the ID presented to us is legitimate, or if it’s fraudulent, we’ll call the Port Authority Police Department.”

Some rules have remained the same, including what liquids you can and cannot bring on the plane. A large amount of hand sanitizer and a jar of disinfectant wipes are allowed, but other liquids are not.

You can ask the TSA directly what is allowed on the plane by sending them a picture of your item to their Twitter.

The TSA recommends that travelers arrive at least two hours in advance for flights, even for domestic travel.


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