by Apoorva Bellapu

February 6, 2022

No wonder digital security is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Now that almost everything is stored online, the need to protect it is paramount. This is where cybersecurity comes in. Cybersecurity has entered the list of most in-demand professions. This article will highlight the top 10 cybersecurity credentials job seekers should know about in 2022. Keep reading!

Cybersecurity project manager

The primary objective of cybersecurity project managers is to oversee the development of security systems that protect an organization’s employees, assets, and data. They must ensure the implementation of cybersecurity measures once analysts have determined the right approach.

ethical hacker

Knowing more about cybercriminals is undoubtedly interesting. If this is something that catches your eye, then an ethical hacker as a career opportunity is what you should focus on. An ethical hacker assesses the security of computer systems and fixes problems so that real hackers cannot break into the system.

Digital Forensic Analyst

If you’re inclined to investigate cybercriminals, you might consider being a digital forensic analyst. As a digital forensic analyst you can investigate a wide range of digital crimes, from hacking, online scams to illegal pornography.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

If you are someone with a significant number of years of experience in various cybersecurity jobs and looking for a leadership position, then the CISO is for you. As a CISO, you will oversee all of an organization’s security operations, including strategy, design, development, budget, regulations, and more.

blockchain developer

A blockchain developer is into creating and developing innovative systems in response to challenges such as hacking. He/she would record and store blockchain data using secure methods such as cryptography to ensure safe digital transactions.

Network engineer

Network engineer is another cybersecurity job that has gained wide recognition over time. These engineers aim to set up networks, maintain them and offer technical support to network users.

Cybersecurity consultant

Similar to a consultant who provides business solutions to his organization or clients, cyber security consultants do the same. The only difference is the industry in which they work. The role of a cybersecurity consultant is to evaluate all security measures, suggest improvements, and then oversee the implementation of new measures.

Security software developer

For someone who enjoys coding and creating software, there can be no better cybersecurity job than that of a security software developer. A successful security software developer is able to make changes to existing programs, perform upgrades, and integrate security protocols into older applications.

Security Architect

Creating and designing the security of a system is the main objective of a security architect. This role requires someone with an analytical mind who enjoys designing programs and working with data. As a security architect, you might be in charge of designing IT security infrastructure.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst deals with creating plans and strategies to prevent cyberattacks. From monitoring systems and networks, detecting threats, analyzing and assessing problems, to protecting IT infrastructure against criminal activity, an information security analyst does it all.

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