Cybersecurity is fundamental to any IT role. And as public and private organizations become more aware of the risks, cybersecurity will move more and more to the center of IT careers. The A to Z training pack on cybersecurity and IT certification is designed to help anyone in IT, or looking to start an IT career, lay the foundation for operational cybersecurity, or hone their skills.

Each of these twelve courses is taught by Mohamed Atef, a senior penetration tester who is also certified as an instructor. With over 20 years of experience, Atef builds each course around theory and concepts before applying them to software and real examples.

All are tailored to your own pace and divided into concise lectures of five to fifteen minutes each that allow you to learn whenever you have a moment. All you need is Internet access.

If you’re new to hacking work, the bundle starts with a ‘from scratch’ course that covers the basics of penetration testing and digital security. There are similar courses on Exploit Finding, Developing and Deploying an Ethical Hacking Toolkit, and SQL Injections, all with hands-on issues to develop and refine your skills.

Then the set looks at what is needed for certifications, from basic credentials like the CompTIA Security + certification to more complex certifications involving cloud computing, network protection, and more. Each course is designed to help you pass the exam on the first try, but they can also be taken if you are looking to hone your skills or gain a better understanding of the exam in general. A certification is a perfect way to advance your IT career, and this set will help you rise through the ranks with training that matches your needs.

Get the A-to-Z Cyber ​​Security & IT Certification Training Pack today for just $ 33.99 when you use promo code MERRY15.

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