31 Media, July, London, 2021 – Relaunch of Test magazine

31 Media is a cross-platform media company that produces a range of market-leading products for the software testing and DevOps industries. These products include the globally recognized European Software Testing Awards, DevOps Industry Awards, National Software Testing Conference, and National DevOps Conference.

As we emerge from the challenges of the past 18 months, 31 Media is thrilled and very proud to announce the relaunch of its flagship product. TRIAL MAGAZINE! 5and In July 2021, readers will once again be able to browse and benefit from this highly sought-after title in a newly designed, digital format.

Created in early 2008, Test Magazine brings you some of the best quality and thought leadership content on software testing and quality assurance. The magazine showcases the work and talents of industry experts, sharing with us all their knowledge and expertise on a host of contemporary and trending topics.

Test Magazine aims to give serious professionals a voice in software testing and quality in the modern environment. Being distributed to thousands and thousands of readers worldwide and with a unique and interesting take on topics that matter in the community, Test Magazine really leads the way when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest trends and industry information.

Our first issue of 2021 takes you on a journey celebrating quality in testing and DevOps! Test Magazine features brilliant articles and reports from a wide range of professionals, from the most experienced to the most knowledgeable executives. Test Magazine explores various aspects of quality in testing, including quality management and leadership. To top it off, this issue features exclusive interviews with QA managers and leaders, sharing their journey, challenges and advice.

Test Magazine will continue to be published in digital format on a bimonthly basis and written in an accessible, jargon-free style, to give you the unbiased, holistic and pragmatic point of view that has helped it become the industry-leading magazine. plan.

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