UberTechnologies Inc said it was investigating a cybersecurity incident after a report of a network breach forced the company to shut down several internal communications and engineering systems. On Friday, Uber said it had no evidence that the incident involved access to sensitive user data such as ride history and that internal software tools the company took after the hack came back into effect. line. Uber began investigating the cybersecurity incident on Thursday. A hacker compromised an employee’s account on workplace messaging app Slack and used it to send a message to Uber employees announcing that the company had suffered a data breach, according to a New York Times report on Thursday quoting an Uber spokesperson. Reuters

A Dutch town has sued Twitter for spreading a conspiracy theory claiming it was once home to a network of Satan-worshipping pedophiles. False reports that Bodegraven-Reeuwijk was the site of the abuse and murder of several children in the 1980s first aired by three men in 2020. The main instigator, who grew up in the town near The Hague, said that he had witnessed the crimes as a child. Local authorities want to see all postings relating to the alleged events deleted. The claims prompted dozens of people to go to the city’s Vrederust cemetery to lay flowers and tributes at the graves of children who died seemingly at random. BBC

McLaren has been threatened with collapse by a global shortage of microchips that has left the British supercar maker struggling to deliver orders, according to new accounts. A severe shortage of chips had created ‘material uncertainty’ over the company’s future, auditors said in the accounts, which were published this week but approved before McLaren secured a £125m injection investors earlier this year. The warning is yet another demonstration of the crisis that has gripped the auto industry since Covid triggered a production shutdown, leaving businesses from Volkswagen to Tesla unable to meet rising demand when the company s is reopened. Telegraph

ICT Tac has launched a new feature that is essentially just a copy of BeReal, the trendy French social app that continues to grow in popularity. BeReal invites users to take a front and back camera photo at a random time each day, designed to capture a more authentic picture of what our friends are up to all day (but, of course, you can just wait to post until you do something interesting). Snapchat and Instagram have already launched front and back camera features, and Instagram is said to be working on its own time-based pop-up feature. But TikTok beat its competition by being the first app to simply copy and paste BeReal into its platform. Tech Crunch

apple watch users who use Spotify to stream music are warned not to update to watchOS 9 as it renders the music streaming app inert. Spotify sent emails to users warning them not to update to the latest watchOS 9 if they want to continue streaming music. Spotify released the following statement. “Apple watchOS 9 introduced a bug that prevents Spotify streaming on the Apple Watch from working. We urge Spotify Apple Watch users not to install the watchOS 9 update until Apple implements a fix for the issue. Laptop


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