Elising and TD SYNNEX announced that TD SYNNEX will add Elistic’s Zero Trust Access platform to its cybersecurity portfolio. TD SYNNEX’s Next Up program will allow Elistic to leverage the company’s proven and scalable resources to expand its base of existing partners. The agreement enhances TD SYNNEX’s extensive cloud and cybersecurity offerings to deliver the best solutions to its partners.

Elistic Cognitive Trust merges identity and AI-powered behavioral intelligence to continuously assess risk and instantly optimize access, connectivity and protection policies that follow people and assets wherever they go. By integrating asset management, connectivity and security, Elistic helps enterprise class organizations of all sizes and in all industries overcome today’s networking and group security challenges.

“With Elistic, businesses can quickly and dynamically scale hybrid workspace security for every user, application and resource, from the edge to the cloud,” said Reyna Thompson, senior vice president, Product Management, TD SYNNEX. “Elisity’s platform complements our cybersecurity portfolio, providing robust zero-trust security to our resellers looking for cutting-edge solutions in the age of ransomware and security breaches.

TD SYNNEX is dedicated to driving sales and leveraging Elismity’s platform, providing a one-stop shop for end-to-end solutions. With TD SYNNEX, resellers have access to a dedicated team of collaborative experts, marketing and fundraising programs, and partner and end-user empowerment training to improve Elismity solutions.

“We are delighted to join forces with TD SYNNEX and their impressive list of partners and solutions. As we seek to grow rapidly, it is increasingly important to partner with the right companies who understand our platform and its capabilities, ”said James Winebrenner, CEO of Elismity. “In this hybrid workspace environment, Elistic Cognitive Trust enables TD SYNNEX to help organizations protect applications, users, data and devices, no matter where they reside.



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