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SteloTechnology-Web and application testing services have enabled small businesses in the United States and Canada to get their products to market faster without compromising on quality

AMHERST, OHIO, USA, Oct 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Stelo Technology, an independent leader in software testing and quality assurance has partnered as a quality engineering partner for small businesses from USA and CANADA around the world and helped them transform their website and mobile app user journey at 10x speed.

Stelo Technology was associated with the project with American and Canadian start-ups. This company with Stelo Technology has helped US and Canadian start-ups automate the entire regression suite by improving application performance and increasing the user base by 10 times. From managing user browsing to managing orders to performing cross-browser testing, their dedicated team of quality assurance experts ensured that their web application was compatible across all networks, browsers, devices and operating systems.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, Arun Nayak, Director of Sales at Stelo Technology, said, “It has always been exciting to have a business partnership with the leading product company. In this world of digital transformation, automation will disrupt the full value of business and mobile digitization is going to have a big influence on the digital transformation market of connected businesses. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee the mobile app bug-free in order to improve the user experience.

Their client, Johnathan, Head of Digital Technology, said: “Stelo Technology has a team of dedicated QA engineers. They are very professional in their work. We had a great project that they delivered as promised. -Finally, QA did a good job of getting our project to the finish line. The team’s ability to respond to the smallest technical details is very commendable. “

Stelo Technology has enabled more than 100 SMB and Fortune 500 enterprise clients from various sectors of healthcare, e-learning, government, BFSI, insurance, energy, services and manufacturing and assisted them in their software transformation and quality assurance process.

About Stelo technology:

Stelo Technology is a Pune, INDIA-based software testing company aligning their efforts to identify the most important and effective software testing services that deliver results to their customers. Stelo Technology services are the confluence of the new age user experience and conventional SaaS providers that help independent software vendors go further and multiply the value and credibility of their products.

The Stelo team is built on the strength of a range of values, and everyone at Stelo Technology works together to ensure these principles are upheld. All services provided to customers are ethically sourced and the company partners with global initiatives to ensure that every product meets their exacting standards.

We are a team of experienced, seasoned and certified software testing and project management professionals who help you create flawless, best quality IT products with a focus on end user needs. Our testing and project management consulting helps companies improve their products and services, improve the customer experience, enter new markets and increase their revenues.

SteloTechnology’s services are ideal for any business that relies on a properly functioning website or uses in-house software (CRM, enterprise, custom, etc.) for its day-to-day operations. It may not always make good financial sense to fully staff QA groups internally if they are not fully utilized throughout the year.

SteloTechnology QA On-Demand service provides a cost effective solution to empower your QA teams whenever needed.

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