Software development will change significantly in the new year, as businesses need a pipeline of software features that must be delivered quickly and reliably without overburdening software teams.

This is because software developers waste a lot of time trying to get their applications onto their local computers and the more complex the project becomes, the more difficult this integration process becomes. With this new era of remote working, it can become even more complex for developers to run these local development environments.

Therefore, these development environments will, eventually, migrate entirely to the cloud so that software developers can quickly access their applications and speed up this process.
Additionally, companies with elite performing engineering organizations are more likely to achieve their organizational goals and achieve a 50% higher growth rate over three years. The number of successful engineering teams is growing because 40% of software developers can now reliably deliver new features the same day they are requested. To ensure that software development teams are able to deliver new functionality quickly and reliably with no burnout, processes and tools must be as sophisticated as possible and therefore companies must have effective development analysis platforms.

Finally, software developers are likely to continue working in a remote or hybrid environment rather than coming into the office. Many organizations are now embracing their workspace as a place for occasional collaboration rather than just continuous work.


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