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The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has signed a partnership agreement with Fincons Group and Cervello to secure services for securing SBB rail command and control systems throughout Switzerland. The deployment of Cervello’s solution by SBB is part of SBB’s vision and strategy to provide reliable and safe transport for its passengers on a daily basis. Fincons Group will support Cervello as system integrator and provide SBB with local technical support as part of the agreement.

SBB thus becomes one of the first railways in the world to adopt a large-scale, nationwide cybersecurity protection plan for its entire rail command and control network. “Following the recent series of ever-evolving cyber threats around the world, we see cybersecurity as a critical part of our commitment to the safety of our passengers,” said Rama Marcus, Head of Technology Innovation Outpost of SBB in Israel. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to benefit from Cervello’s expertise. We consider the Cervello platform to be an effective, comprehensive and advanced railway cybersecurity solution available today.”

Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Cervello has already earned the trust of some leading infrastructure managers and rail operators in several countries in Europe and Asia for its ability to protect critical operational systems of main lines and subways. Its flagship product, the Cervello platform, integrates seamlessly into any railway infrastructure, providing comprehensive and efficient monitoring of the entire fleet operational network, including signaling, telecommunications, rolling stock and other control systems. Its patented technology enables early identification of potential or existing cyber threats that pose a risk to fleet safety, reliability and business continuity.

“We are grateful and pleased to enter into this long-term strategic agreement with SBB, one of the world’s leading railways and a true technology leader,” said Roie Onn, CEO and co-founder of Cervello. “With advances in technology and the rise of cyber threats, major rail operators and infrastructure managers view cybersecurity as an essential part of keeping their passengers and fleets safe. It is an honor to to be chosen and given such an important role by the most prestigious railway companies in the world.

“Fincons thus confirms its commitment to bring value to its customers throughout their journey of digital transformation in the field of security”, explains Michele Moretti, CEO of the Fincons group. “Partnering with Cervello cements Fincons as a reliable integration partner for Cervello solutions in rail infrastructure to help protect the operational sensitivities of critical rail assets such as signaling and control systems. We are very proud of this partnership which will allow us to work together on challenging and challenging new projects in uncharted waters while providing 360° service.

About SBB

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the national railway company of Switzerland and has been transporting people and goods for more than 100 years. The company, founded in 1902, is headquartered in Bern and is the largest railway and transport company in Switzerland. SBB has been ranked first among European national rail systems in recent years for its intensity of use, quality of service and safety rating. While many continental European rail operators have focused on building high-speed trains, SBB has invested in the reliability and quality of service of its conventional rail network, both nationally and regionally. . In addition to passenger rail transport, SBB operates freight and freight rail services and owns significant real estate in Switzerland. SBB is considered one of the world’s leading railway organizations, transporting millions of passengers daily.

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About Fincons Group

Fincons Group is an award-winning IT business consultancy with nearly 40 years of experience in IT business consulting and systems integration, active in a variety of industries including transportation, financial services, media, energy and utilities, manufacturing, public administration and international institutions. High quality, scalability and competitiveness are guaranteed by the Smart-shore IT service strategy made available through the Bari Delivery Center. Innovation is a state of mind for Fincons, which constantly invests in research and development and collaborates with international universities and research centers, ranging from technology watch to solution engineering, co-investing with pioneer customers. With over 2000 employees, Fincons Group has offices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK and USA.

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About Cervello

Cervello is a trusted leader in railway cybersecurity dedicated to ensuring the safety, reliability and business continuity of railway organizations around the world. Cervello uses a patented security solution to provide a contextual representation of a fleet’s operational activity while continuously monitoring its critical assets. This allows operators and infrastructure managers to minimize threats against their networks in the most efficient way, eliminate security risks and prevent incidents from occurring. With a scalable, easy-to-deploy, and agentless architecture, the Cervello platform seamlessly integrates with customers’ existing systems, achieving maximum operational efficiency and addressing both legacy and modern infrastructures.

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