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MONROVIA, Calif., August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — parasoft, a global leader in automated software testing for over 35 years, today shared the latest updates on its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities for user interface testing , APIs, functional and static analysis that spans the entire SDLC. Leveraging AI/ML is key to achieving higher levels of software test automation. Parasoft has done just that by powering its solutions with innovative AI/ML features that accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution.

Read Caesars Entertainment’s success story showing the measurable benefits that AI brings to software testing. Global gaming and hospitality leader says it has accelerated testing and delivery by automating testing for UI and API testing with Parasoft solutions. They improved UI test automation by over 96% and reduced API test execution time by 97%.

Companies in all industries that develop software can benefit from the AI ​​power built into Parasoft Smart Testing for Java, Selenium and API applications. According to the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 Vendor Assessment,1 “Parasoft has added AI/ML capabilities to a number of testing practices, including UI testing, API testing, functional testing, and static analysis, seeking to make it easier to create, the maintenance and execution of tests by the developers and to correct the results.”

Intelligent test execution with test impact analysis augments testing, making it smarter, more efficient, and better with every release. By tracking the code covered by each test and correlating it with changes in the code base, Parasoft prioritizes the subset of tests that must be run to validate the code changes. Therefore, testing impact analysis helps teams save valuable time and get faster feedback from their CI/CD pipeline.

Additionally, Parasoft uses AI to automatically create tests from the recording of manual UI tests, which simplifies the development of API test suites. These tests can then be reused for load, performance, and security testing. Watch this video to see how the Smart API Test Builder works.

“AI/ML capabilities have dramatically improved the challenges facing today’s test organizations, from inception to execution, maintenance and optimization. Organizations that do not deploy tests with AI/ML capabilities are at a serious disadvantage,” said Arthur HickenEvangelist at Parasoft.

Working with this technology for more than five years, Parasoft continues to lead the expansion of AI/ML across multiple solutions and techniques within the Continuous Quality Platform. Here are the real ways Parasoft puts AI/ML to work:

  • Automate the generation and configuration of unit tests for Java.
  • Automate the generation and maintenance of API tests.
  • Self-healing Selenium test execution.
  • Drive adoption of static analysis efficiency with prioritization and risk models.
  • Predict the impact of coding and pattern violations in analyses/reports to determine the best developer match to fix a specific violation.

Contact Parasoft today to find out how your development team can benefit from AI and ML-based software testing solutions.

1. “IDC MarketScape: Global Cloud Testing Vendor Assessment 2022 – Empowering Business Velocity,” March 2022 | Doc#US47097221.

About Parasoft

Parasoft helps organizations consistently deliver quality software with its proven, integrated suite of automated software testing tools. Supporting the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets, Parasoft’s technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software by integrating everything from analytics depth from code and unit testing to web UI and API testing, as well as service virtualization and full code coverage, in the delivery pipeline. Bringing it all together, Parasoft’s award-winning reporting and analytics dashboard provides a centralized view of quality enabling organizations to confidently deliver and succeed in today’s most strategic ecosystems and development initiatives. hui – security, critical security, Agile, DevOps and continuous testing.



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