VIENNA AND NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ESPECIALLY AIwho pioneered the creation of AI-generated systems synthetic data, today launched new editions of its platform, for midsize businesses that want to accelerate test data generation through automation and better support agile processes. By experiencing the platform’s free edition, test engineers, quality assurance managers, and test automation experts can see for themselves how the pioneering platform easily and automatically synthesizes test structures. complex data. With increased efficiency comes the benefit of generating high-quality test data for QA – a critical need for businesses that need to deliver increasingly personal and relevant customer experiences.

“Synthetic scale datasets generated through our platform provide absolute protection of customer data, with zero risk of re-identification and therefore full compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR Additionally, the datasets retain granular behavioral insights embedded into the production data,” explains Dr. Tobias Hann, CEO of MOSTLY AI. “This is of course valuable for innovative companies focused on accelerating the agile delivery of robust software applications that enhance the customer experience.”

For testing, such as load and performance testing, MOSTLY AI’s platform completely removes the need to use production data or manually created dummy data, which the majority of testers still use today. . Besides the obvious privacy issues that come with this method, it’s a huge time robber, with much of the average tester’s time spent waiting for test data, searching for it, or manually creating it.

“Our to research over the past few months confirms this risky habit of testers using production or dummy data,” says Hann, adding, “and coupled with the fact that 20% of test data will be synthetically generated by 2025Now is the right time for us to bring AI-powered synthetic data to the middle market and be instrumental in reaching the synthetic data tipping point that we know is on the horizon.

Synthetic data generated by AI is not fictional data or fake data. It is not generated manually – like ten years ago – but by a powerful AI engine capable of learning all the qualities of the dataset on which it is trained. By using the MOSTLY AI platform, testers no longer need to manually configure business rules, and it allows them to create as little or as much data as they need – generating small subsets of manageable, referentially intact data to speed up cycles and reduce storage sizes or scale small data sets to massive sizes for stress testing applications.

“Medium-sized companies have an advantage over large enterprises: they can quickly adopt and deploy new technologies without the red tape that often makes it a cumbersome process. Adopting AI-generated synthetic data for testing is a win-win situation – for testers who get to work smarter and faster, and for companies who want to innovate and deliver the best customer experience,” concludes Hann.

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