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Miami Dade authorities are preparing to put Miami International Airport into service as soon as possible, Director Lester Sola said in a statement.

Miami Airport has been severely affected by the coronavirus, and like many terminals around the world, it is currently operating with fewer workers and passengers.

Sola said plans and strategies are ready to ensure the 45 million travelers who use Miami International Airport return each year as soon as possible.

Regarding the arrangements the airport will use to combat the coronavirus, Sola said that “signage has been installed throughout the airport to advise passengers to maintain a social distance of six feet or two meters to protect themselves and the passengers. people who work here “. Likewise, areas with disinfectants will be installed throughout the terminal so that travelers can keep their hands clean.

One aspect of the “new reality” will be a much longer time through the security lines and the on-board check-in process, he said. “Things will be very different when flight operations resume at 100% due to new, very strict social distancing and disinfection measures,” said the airport manager. “It will take longer for the passenger to check in in the security zone.



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