National Software Testing Conference, 8-9 June 2022, Kensington London

We are very proud to welcome you soon at National Software Testing Conference 2022!

The conference will take place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London on the 8th and 9thand of June. To celebrate our first Software Testing Conference of 2022, we have an exclusive offer for you:

Get 2 tickets for the price of 1. Take advantage of this offer using the code 2FOR1.

The National Software Testing Conference will bring the software testing community together for interactive panel discussions and presentations that will feature industry personalities and professionals. Be ready to expand your network and discuss the latest products and services from leading companies.

This year, we are extremely fortunate to be joined by incredible speakers! They are all leaders, managers and directors in the software testing and quality assurance industry and they will present fascinating and thought leadership topics.

Here are some new faces at the Conference:

Moronke Fajobi

Moronke has led software testing across the Financial Wellness portfolio, and manages and improves testing practices using the latest tools and technologies and appropriate processes. She also coaches and coaches teams to understand quality as a responsibility of each team member, how to achieve test change and develop culture and mindset shift towards developing a quality product. as well as increasing productivity and pace.

His presentation will provide an overview of how to perform security testing early in a software development lifecycle and throughout the SDLC.

Nithya Anantharaman

Nithya is a test consultant with 18 years of experience leading and managing test engagements in various industries, primarily banking and finance. ISTQB-qualified QA professional with an established record of successful software delivery with a particular interest in mobile and cross-platform testing. She is proficient in managing multi-vendor programs spanning all phases of testing, and experienced in defining, owning and delivering solutions/strategies in complex and highly regulated enterprises.

In her workshop, she will discuss some testing considerations to effectively address mobile testing challenges with a robust testing strategy.

Here are some of our recurring speakers:

Stuart Day

Stuart Day

Stuart is a software delivery professional with over 23 years of experience as an advocate for fast delivery of high quality value to customers. He is a Quality Coach, Cert. Agile coach and international speaker with a wealth of experience in Agile, Digital and Business Agility transformation. He has a real passion for people and their success. Focus on facilitating and supporting their personal development and professional journeys.

Currently, Stuart is the Quality Manager at Dunelm Soft Furnishings, creating a culture of quality and enabling continuous quality across the organization’s technology landscape.

In this talk, he will share their thoughts, experiences and ideas on the evolution of software testing alone activity and the traditional role of the software tester towards quality engineering and continuous quality.

Kiruthika Ganesan

Kiruthika is currently Quality Assurance Manager at Deko and has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, as a developer, tester and tutor. However, testing is what excites her, as she discovers the best of both worlds, from understanding what the customer really wants to how the magic actually works.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her children and enjoys writing short stories.

His presentation titled ‘The Magic of Working Together!’ will focus on how we can engage with our team members and various stakeholders and produce quality products.

And many others !

If you’re a professional who recognizes the critical importance of software testing in the software development lifecycle, you don’t want to miss it!

So don’t wait any longer and reserve your place HERE.


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