Founded in 2010, KnowBe4 is a Florida-based software company with over 1,300 employees serving over 35,000 customers worldwide. He believes knowledge is power, committing to building strong human firewalls through security awareness training.

Backed by the world’s largest security awareness training library, KnowBe4 offers interactive training using social engineering attack simulations.

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Security Awareness Training

  • Learn from over 30 years of first-hand experience and strategies provided by Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker.
  • Train your users using interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.
  • Unlimited access to the content library of over 1,000 articles is subscription based on several levels according to the needs of your organization.
  • Content can be branded with your organization’s logo, custom graphics and corporate colors.
  • Take advantage of KnowBe4’s learning management system and upload your own corporate training content.
  • Monitor users with skill-based ratings and surveys.
  • Use templates to create custom phishing scenarios.
  • Implement KnowBe4’s Phish Alert add-on button, so users can email threats to your security team for review.
  • Access over 60 built-in reports to analyze test and training results over time.
  • Easily manage users with Active Directory integration.
  • Provide users with useful job aids and cheat sheets such as “20 ways to block mobile attacks” and “Social engineering red flags.”


PhishER is a lightweight security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform that helps your team prioritize, analyze, and manage emails flagged by your users as potentially malicious.

  • Easily categorize messages flagged as clean, spam or threatening.
  • Use PhishRIP to find and quarantine suspicious messages or those containing known threats that are still in your organization’s mailboxes.
  • Educate your users using PhishFlip to turn dangerous email threats into a secure simulated phishing campaign.
  • Let PhishML use machine learning to better identify and automatically assess suspicious messages based on past actions.
  • The PhishER API provides two-way integration with your existing security stack (SIEM, detection tools, ticketing systems, etc.).

Federal Certified Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)

KnowBe4 is authorized by FedRAMP and able to support Federal Government Agencies in accordance with their Statement of Capabilities.

eBanking Customer Awareness Program (CAP)

Designed to educate customers about secure online banking in accordance with FFIEC Online Banking Guidelines, CAP supports federal mandates and helps banks and credit unions document their compliance efforts.

Free tools

KnowBe4 offers a large number of complementary computer security tools.

  • Anti-Phishing Security Test: Test up to 100 users to see which phishing schemes will tempt them.
  • Phishing Response Test: Find out how many users will bite into a phishing email and respond to unknown emails.
  • Phishing alert button: Allow users to securely forward threats via email to your security team for analysis.
  • Second chance: Force users to confirm their certainty before acting on a clicked link in an email.
  • Phishing test on social networks: Identify users vulnerable to phishing attacks with tests designed to harvest profile information or hijack social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Weak password test: Check your Active Directory against 10 types of weak password threats, flagging which accounts are affected (without showing their actual passwords).
  • Browser password inspector: Inspect the passwords of user accounts on your network to see if there are duplicates found in the passwords saved by the browser.
  • Email and password exposure tests: Check to see if any email addresses (and their corresponding passwords) within your organization have been identified as part of a known data breach.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Security Assessment: Identify potential risks associated with your MFA.
  • Domain spoofing test: KnowBe4 offers a unique free service to see if hackers can spoof your domain and send emails from an account that looks legitimate.
  • Mail server rating: Check that your mail server is correctly configured.
  • Domain doubling tool: Identify similar domains and poll your users to see if they can be fooled.
  • Ransomware simulation tool: Check how well your existing network is protecting against fake ransomware.
  • USB Security Test: Create a test USB drive to see how your users will behave when given it.
  • Compliance Audit Readiness Assessment (CARA): Create a summary of potential gaps in your cybersecurity readiness before a compliance audit.

KnowBe4 Partners

KnowBe4 is eager to support their partner network providing sales support, training and marketing resources, including ready-to-go campaigns.

KnowBe4 Use Cases

When Sun Chemical needed the next level of security awareness training, they turned to KnowBe4. As the world’s largest producer of printing inks, coatings, pigments and advanced materials, Sun Chemical felt it was important to demonstrate its commitment to preventing cyber threats and risks.

After completing the Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training, Sun Chemical learned that 19.2% of its employees were likely to click on a suspicious link, open a malicious attachment or comply with a fraudulent request. With the help of KnowBe4, Sun Chemical was able to implement a series of training programs for its employees that reduced this vulnerability to 4%.

In addition to reducing the company’s security vulnerability, KnowBe4 was able to transform Sun Chemical employees into proactive users who understand and support the organization’s security team.

KnowBe4 User Reviews

It’s hard to find user reviews of KnowBe4, with third-party websites regularly reporting positive reviews:

Recognition of KnowBe4 by the industry

KnowBe4 is no stranger to industry awards and recognition, having recently won TrustRadius “Best of” Awards for usability, customer support and feature set.

Beyond safety accolades, KnowBe4 is consistently listed as a great place to work and has always been committed to equality for all employees. And with a leadership team with gender balance in senior positions, KnowBe4 recently partnered with the Center for Cybersecurity and Education to provide scholarships for women.

KnowBe4 in the cybersecurity market

With an estimated market share of 0.79%, KnowBe4 is slightly ahead of Cofense (0.34%) and is behind Rapid7 (2.49%).

When it comes to the biggest market leaders, Trustwave holds an estimated market share of 15.67%, ahead of Kaspersky with an estimated market share of 11.83%.


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