The importance of heightening vigilance against cyberattacks begins with improving Filipinos’ ability to learn about cybersecurity. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

LEADER provider of cloud-based distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) security solutions, Nexusguard in its Q3 annual threat report for 2021 indicates that during the pandemic, cyber attackers have targeted industries providing connectivity, services basic supplies and entertainment for populations forced to take shelter in place. This led to a 341% year-over-year increase in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Juniman Kasman, Chief Technology Officer of Nexusguard, explained, “In 2020, the pandemic caused a complete change in the way the world lived and operated. Cyber ​​attackers were ready to take full advantage of the situation, skillfully targeting connectivity and entertainment providers.

“With attackers using stealthier and smaller attacks increasingly complex, communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises needed deep learning, multi-dimensional DDoS detection and other techniques advances to avoid breakdowns,” he added.

This underscores the importance of heightened vigilance against cyberattacks, which begins with building the capacity of Filipinos to learn about cybersecurity.

Founded in 2008, Nexusguard has developed partnerships with different well-known universities, colleges, and companies to launch the Cyber ​​Security Specialists Program that offers world-class education here in the Philippines. Aimed at beginners, the program contains a defense-in-depth module offering a methodological approach to developing skills in securing web applications, incident response and understanding security controls against cybersecurity attacks.

Nexusguard Academy Program Director Ruben Mondejar said, “The Nexusguard Academy was established to deliver cybersecurity courses, where the program helps CSPs become managed cybersecurity providers and helps individuals to be trained by practitioners who have years of frontline experience.

From the original mission of supporting CSPs, Nexusguard has expanded its reach to also help those impacted by the pandemic by helping career changers immerse themselves in the field of cybersecurity. The global cybersecurity solutions provider relies on its practitioners to mentor its highly relevant industry- and workplace-focused learning system.

Mondejar added: “The passion for learning about cybersecurity doesn’t stop there. We have also extended our reach from Metro Manila to provinces where we offer certification programs such as our partnership with Siena College of Taytay, the first in the Calabarzon area.

The partnership program has now expanded to Batangas with the establishment of a Center of Excellence at the Equinox Training Center in Sta. Teresita, Batangas, which is a Tesda accredited facility. Prudencio “Dacio” Guttierez, former mayor of Padre Garcia, said it will bring world-class cybersecurity training to Batangas, which will hopefully expand coverage to include other universities in Batangas in the coming months. to come.

Launched in Singapore in 2021, Nexusguard’s Cybersecurity Specialist Program aims to train individuals to jump-start their careers. The program would take place over six months during which students would acquire knowledge on topics related to information security and cybersecurity, so that they could eventually acquire the essential skills and competencies in the fight against threats from cybersecurity.

The program includes industry and practitioner mentorship sessions, a portfolio with real businesses, learner support that provides additional soft skills, and an employment assistance program. Thanks to these, the new skills acquired through the program would correspond to the requirements of companies in the sector.

“Nexusguard Academy not only plans to improve information security and cybersecurity skills, but will also offer coding to children in 2022. With the popularity of online gaming platforms, now is the best time to bringing children to learn and have fun while they learn.. With high hopes, we look forward to developing the next generation of experts in our country to defend our Philippine cyberspace,” Mondejar emphasized.


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