WWith the proliferation of cyber threats, Google has launched a Cyber ​​Security Action Team with the aim of “supporting the security and digital transformation of governments, critical infrastructure, businesses and small businesses,” according to the company.

Google wants the new group to be the “world’s first security advisory team,” the company said in a blog post. While the team will support Google Cloud customers, its research, security plans and other results will also be available to those who are not customers, a spokesperson for the company said.

Google also has its Threat Analysis Group, which focuses on combating government-backed cyber attacks, and Zero Project, which searches for and reports zero-day attacks.

The Cyber ​​Security Action Team will bring together security experts from across the company. It will provide strategic advisory services, trust and compliance services, engineering services to help customers deploy Google Cloud, as well as threat intelligence and incident response services.

Recent cyber attacks, including those on Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds, demonstrate the need for better cybersecurity efforts, Google said in its blog post. The company in August announced he would spend $ 10 billion over the next five years to strengthen its cybersecurity efforts, and the new cybersecurity team is part of that program.

“Cyber ​​security is at the top of every C-level and board-level agenda, given the growing importance of software supply chain exploits, ransomware and other attacks,” said Thomas Kurian , CEO of Google Cloud, in the blog post.

Most cybersecurity experts have applauded Google’s new team, saying more research and cyber defense efforts are welcome. Google’s announcement is a “good step”. However, companies should also focus on security when developing software, said Peter McKay, CEO of Snyk, an open source security company for application developers.

“At the end of the day, nothing really changes if the industry doesn’t embrace developer security and make better use of the growing developer population around the world,” he told the Washington Examiner.

The world faces several cybersecurity challenges, including a shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts, he added.

“Attackers are getting more and more sophisticated, prompting customers and lawmakers to look for ways to force companies to properly protect their data,” McKay said. “Unfortunately, cybersecurity cannot be solved by just pouring money into it. Every year we see companies like Google stepping up security, yet the number of breaches across industries is only increasing. “

While Google’s new effort is primarily focused on supporting its Google Cloud customers, the company is likely to share important information with the wider market, said Dean Coclin, senior director of business development at DigiCert, a encryption provider. Google has been open to sharing research from initiatives such as Project Zero, he noted.

“With the increase in hacking events reported in the news, and in particular the large ransoms paid to criminals, cybersecurity is a priority for all. [chief information officer]Coclin told the Washington Examiner. “Google is investing heavily in defensive and compliance measures to show businesses that they are serious about thwarting potential threats and keeping businesses safe. We see this as a positive sign that will help businesses protect their confidential information. “

In August, Google’s investment announcement was accompanied by a White House Initiative to step up the country’s cybersecurity efforts. Several other companies announced new efforts at the same time.

“While it’s not clear whether Google’s investment would have happened without this event, it will certainly be welcomed by companies struggling with their IT security,” Coclin said. “Because hackers continue to exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructure and the resulting high-profile attacks, we expect more companies to join Google and Microsoft in announcing cybersecurity measures over the course of the year. year to come. “

However, some IT experts have raised questions about the Google team’s focus on its big customers. “Many Google consumer products haven’t received as much security attention as they probably should have,” said Craig Boyle, co-founder and director of sales and marketing at MSP Blueshift, an Australian provider of IT and consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses. “The main problem is that this new team may be focusing too narrowly on existing Google Cloud customers and not properly. [on] other businesses and enterprises that threaten their security and that of their users.

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