Risk assessment dashboard pinpoints exactly which cybersecurity gaps each customer needs to fix

Havoc Shield Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Questions for MFA, Backups and More

Simple, jargon-free questions to determine a company’s cybersecurity gaps, like do you have an MFA in place

Insurance Broker Law Firm Offers Cyber ​​Risk Assessments for Proactive Protection and Streamlined Cyber ​​Security Application Process

Gemini Risk Partners has been an exceptional partner focused on reducing risk, realizing that cybersecurity threats are real, especially for law firms that control massive amounts of IP and client data”

— Brian Fritton, Founder and CEO of Havoc Shield

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gemini Risk Partners Principal David Kramer today announced a partnership with Havoc Shield, an insuretech cybersecurity software platform focused on insurance brokers, to offer their cyber suitability assessment and personalized Cybersecurity Program services to improve the accuracy of cybersecurity insurance claims for their clients.

The agreement brings together cybersecurity insurance and a proactive cybersecurity risk dashboard to facilitate the process of applying for cybersecurity insurance with confidence. The questions asked by the carriers are complete with the help of a third party, Havoc Shield, in this case.
“We are excited to offer our law firm clients this proactive risk assessment to see where they stand against hackers and ransomware,” said David Kramer, Gemini Risk Partners Principal. “Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics for lawyers with the immense amount of intellectual property and proprietary information they have access to, so making sure they are properly protected while making the application process easier. cyber insurance for both parties, which is why we are partnering with Havoc Shield.”

Gemini customers will now be able to answer a few common cybersecurity questionnaires and receive a simplified scorecard indicating where they may be lacking. Havoc Shield’s custom program designed specifically for Gemini makes it easy for these customers to fix these security flaws in the Foundations platform, which is a dozen cybersecurity tools in a single dashboard.

This set of risk assessment and remediation tools provides attestation and assurance to insurance companies that policyholders have identified and remediated deficiencies through a third-party cybersecurity organization. As more companies learn about or add cybersecurity policies to their business operating policies, insurance company applications are becoming more complex.

“We are delighted to partner with Gemini Risk Partners to provide this value-added service to their clients,” said Havoc Shield Founder and CEO Brian Fritton. “They have been an exceptional partner as their goal is to reduce risk to their clients, so their proactivity and attention to client needs has been impressive. They have realized that cybersecurity threats are real, especially for law firms. lawyers who control a massive amount of valuable IP and customer data for hackers.

Havoc Shield’s Cyber ​​Suitability Assessment Tool aligns with applications from cybersecurity insurance companies, creating a streamlined way to determine if the company completing it has the mitigations in place appropriate risks through a scorecard highlighting gaps in their cybersecurity posture. These shortcomings can be mitigated by using Havoc Shield’s all-in-one Foundations platform to implement steps such as multi-factor authentication, perform vulnerability scans, install the best antivirus software and patches, distribute cyber policies and more.

Their custom cybersecurity program combines individual insurance company requirements with specific Foundations platform modules, helping to “do the homework” to get application answers to a “Yes” helping reduce the time it takes for brokers to train and browse the app. with the insured. It also provides a more comprehensive application when submitting to carriers for coverage approval. To learn more about these products, visit havocshield.com/brokers.

About Gemini Risk Partners
Gemini Risk Partners specializes in the brokerage of professional indemnity and cyber liability insurance and in the management of risks and the defense of claims with law firms. Gemini directors Theo Nittis and David Kramer are former practicing lawyers. Gemini’s law firm clients range in size from independent attorneys to AmLaw 200 law firms and span the entire United States. To learn more, visit geminiriskpartners.com.

About Havoc Shield
Havoc Shield provides small businesses with “plan-to-proof” cybersecurity by helping organizations establish best-in-class policies and plans, implementing all necessary processes and tools through an all-in-one cybersecurity platform. -a. This core suite of tools includes vulnerability scanning, password management, IT security policies, and more, providing evidence-based audits and attestation documents to enable customers to illustrate their strong cybersecurity posture to partners, customers and other stakeholders. Aligning these gaps with insurance broker customers enables more policies to be written, provides more robust security setups for agency customers, and can help reduce cybersecurity claims. To learn more about Havoc Shield, visit havcoshield.com.

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