Fortress Information Security and the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing Analysis Center (NGO-ISAC) announced an industry-wide initiative focused on securing hardware and software components and supply chains.

The software and hardware used by petroleum and natural gas systems are critical to the reliable and safe operation of the industry. In addition, the supply chains of these products are exposed to an increased risk of compromise. Fortress will enable NGO-ISAC members to manage these risks in a safe and cost-effective manner.

For more than two years, Fortress has operated a central repository of hardware and software supply chain data for major utility companies, the Department of Defense and other customers. Fortress will replicate its risk management and remediation programs for the oil and gas industry.

“Hardware and software supply chain security is complex and dynamic. Collaboration is the only proven strategy to make supply chain cybersecurity a reality,” said Tobias Whitney, vice president of strategy and policy at Fortress. “The Fortress-NGO-ISAC partnership will foster better information sharing on cybersecurity risks for the oil and gas industry.”

The Fortress Asset to Vendor (A2V) Network will create an industry-wide risk management profile for all vendors and vendors used by all NGO-ISAC members. A2V information sharing ensures that when a member identifies a vulnerability, all members are notified. Fortress supports and coordinates remediation requests with the broader vendor community to facilitate fast and efficient responses that save NGO-ISAC members time, effort and money .

“As an industry, we must face today’s cybersecurity challenges as a united front,” said Angela Hahn, executive director of the NGO-ISAC. “As ISAC, we rely on partners like Fortress to provide valuable insights into risks and threats that could impact our members.”

NGO-ISAC members will have access to the A2V library. They will be able to purchase specific supply chain risk management (SCRM) products, including the Fortress Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)/Hardware Bill of Materials (HBOM) analysis libraries.


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