This book reveals a systemic and effective approach to software testing aimed at making the entire development process more efficient. .Dr. Maurício Aniche looks at how to customize your test coverage and find bugs in tricky cases. The book presents techniques from proven software engineering research, and each chapter puts a new technique into practice. Real cases and detailed code examples show how to design tests that find bugs in edge cases and normally untested parts of code.

Author: Dr Mauricio Aniche
Publisher: Manning
Date: April 2022
Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-1633439931
Print: 1633439933
Kindle: B09WBNJYLX
Audience: General
Intermediate level
Category: Theory & Techniques

  • Engineer tests with a much higher chance of finding bugs
  • Read code coverage metrics and use them to improve your test suite
  • Understand when to use unit testing, integration testing, and system testing
  • Use simulations and stubs to simplify your unit tests
  • Think about pre-conditions, post-conditions, invariants and contracts
  • Implement property-based testing
  • Use coding practices such as Dependency Injection and Hexagonal Architecture that make it easier to test your software
  • Write good and maintainable test code

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