The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max launched on Friday, alongside the base iPhone 13 series, the iPad mini 6, and the new iPad. Less than a day after the iPhone 13 Pro series went on sale, the first unhappy customers Reddit report a multitude of bugs and software issues, including:

  • All animation (other than vertical scrolling) in third-party applications is limited to 60Hz on the iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz “ProMotion” screen. Apple has acknowledged this to be an iOS 15 bug and said full ProMotion support for third-party apps will be included in a software update.
  • Even when Wi-Fi is connected and working, the status bar does not display a Wi-Fi symbol.
  • The “VPN” toggle in the settings hangs, rendering the user unable to activate a VPN connection.
    Here is the video of the Reddit user phenomenon Southernboyj:
  • Connectivity issues between iPhone 13 Pro series and Apple Watch. The reported issues range from the inability to pair the two devices to the iPhone’s sudden loss of connectivity after being paired.
  • According to the reports of several users, CarPlay is broken and often crashes while trying to play audio.
  • Widgets spontaneously start to behave badly.
  • The “Tap to Wake” function stops working randomly.

The iPhone 13 series comes with the iOS 15 Release Candidate (RC) version out of the box, with an update to the final version of iOS 15 available for download.

However, iPhone 13 Pro series users report that these issues persist even after installing all available software updates.

And although this is not a software “bug”, the first customers seem unanimously irritated that on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has decided not to do anything constructive with the additional screen space. that the (slightly) smaller notch releases. Instead of adding new icons to the status bar or introducing some sort of new feature (like numeric battery percentage), the iPhone maker simply increased the size of the icons on the status bar. existing state to occupy more space.

Are you experiencing software bugs with your iPhone 13 Pro?



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