If you’re going to see the Boys in Blue take on the Los Angeles Angels at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night, you might want to get there early.

Dodgers fans can add metal detection to their pre-game stadium entry procedure as part of enhanced security plan, says Dodgers declaration. All front doors will have metal detectors and metal detection rods, starting with the Freeway Series Finals on Saturday and through to the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

The league has called on all teams to implement metal detection and other security upgrades by this year.

Fans will be asked to place metal objects such as cell phones, sunglasses cases or tablets on screening tables before passing through metal detectors. However, guests will not be required to remove their belts, shoes, jackets, wallets, keys or coins upon entry, according to the team’s statement.

Guests with strollers, wheelchairs or medical devices will be offered an alternative screening method.

These new guidelines are in addition to bag checks that are already standard in all MLB stadiums.

The Dodgers have encouraged fans to arrive early to minimize wait times.

The new security procedures were announced by Major League Baseball in January 2014 and were expected to come into effect by 2015. The changes result from the MLB’s continued work with the Department of Homeland Security “to elevate and standardize initiatives across the game. “

All 30 MLB teams had to implement similar safety procedures this year.

Saturday night’s game marks the Dodgers’ first time playing at the newly renovated stadium in 2015.

Improved security at the baseball stadium comes just before opening day Monday when the Dodgers welcome the San Diego Padres at 1 p.m. on Monday.



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