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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is seeking vendor proposals for a Darktrace Enterprise Immune System appliance, which provides Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence and Analysis (CTIA) with the ability to “detect and prevent attacks that bypass security controls Current Traditionals” for DMV IT Systems, Assets and Infrastructure.

According to a request for quotation published May 9 by DMV, proposals must be less than $1 million and the solution must have or provide:

  • Ability to detect and prevent known and unknown advanced threats
  • Ability to identify internal and external threats in real time
  • Ability to provide an attack detection timeline
  • Real-time integrated threat mapping and analysis
  • Behavioral analysis/attack detection
  • Custom Threat Reports

Darktrace claims that it “provides autonomous and adaptive protection across diverse distributed systems and users” and “detects known and unknown threats as they emerge”.

The RFQ lists the products and services as follows:

  • #DCIP-Z: Very large household appliances
  • #SaaS-SalesF: SaaS-SalesF (limit to 100 users)
  • #Saas-AWS: SaaS-AWS (limited to 50 users) Installation services Standard support services, including Ask the Expert
  • #DCIP-TV-ELEARN: eLearning training
  • #DCIP-TV-PUB: (2) Online public training
  • #DCIP-TV-REM: (2) Private training (remote)

The project encompasses the following domains: antivirus, cloud computing, e-learning, e-learning, managed services, web portal/services, security, software as a service (SaaS) and training/professional development services.

The anticipated contract award is for a period of three years, commencing June 1st. Specific instructions for bidders can be found online. The deadline for submission is May 23 at 11 a.m.

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