With just days left of the race at Darlington Raceway, law enforcement wants to make sure everyone has a good time, but this year their top priority is safety.

Officials go one step further by using hand-held metal detectors to screen people before they enter the track.

“We ask our fans to be patient as best they can as we are doing it for their own safety,” said Kerry Tharp, President of Darlington Raceway.

All vehicles will enter through gate 39B and exit through 39A. As an added safety feature, officials will check each car that passes through the tunnel to enter the track.

There will be over 100 agents inside. The highway patrol will also have more than 100 soldiers and officers from different counties will work the race.

“There will always be some of us here no matter what time it is,” Lt. Kilgo said.

The president of Darlington Raceway said wider and more comfortable seats were installed. With improvements on the sidelines and a wall of honor for the 49 cup winners.

“We want to make sure that the fans who come here to Darlington have an experience they will remember for a long time,” Tharp said.

The race weekend begins August 31st and the Southern 500 will take place on September 2nd.



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