Taking place on April 28, 2022 at the Leopardstown Pavilion, the Cyber ​​Expo & Conference Ireland event will continue its goal of demystifying cybersecurity and keeping organizations informed of trends and developments in the global marketplace.

While the Expo will host approximately 30 IT security software vendors and 20 IT service vendors slated to exhibit, we wanted to do a quick and deep dive over the next few weeks during the various deal flow breakout sessions. happening and who you can expect to hear. day.

Kicking off the conference this year will be our keynote speaker Paul C Dwyer. Recognized as one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity, risk and privacy experts, Managing Director of Cyber ​​Risk International and Chairman of the ICTTF International Cyber ​​Threat Task Force, Paul specializes in the security of companies and businesses, the development of cyber defense programs and business operations protection for organizations and will set the stage for detailed trade flows throughout the day.

There should be something for everyone here as the sessions are varied to cover most of the challenges facing the industry, protecting against cyberattacks and minimizing compliance risks.

One of the first sessions is the “Always On” stream. As computing becomes more sophisticated, Always-On systems have begun to replace older on-demand systems that operated on different types of resources. Always-On systems are always available, plugged in or connected to power sources and networks. They keep buzzing throughout the day and night, delivering easier, smarter, and faster app experiences.

Moderated by Sean Reynolds, Managing Director of Rits Information Security, we’ll hear from industry leaders Awingu (work from home, secure BYOD, secure VPN, Citrix alternative), Bullwall (last line of defense against ransomware), Kemp (balancing load, network performance monitoring, network detection and response to ensure that applications are always active) and Zyxel technologies (security solutions and network management) as they explain how you can make your IT infrastructure available 24 hours a day and more resistant to cyberattacks.

Another area of ​​activity, spearheaded by Alex Burnham, Director of IT Audit and Security at Mazars Ireland, is “Business Email Compromise”. When it comes to email, the name of the game is verification and authentication. As corporate inboxes are the target of phishing and other attacks, this is an area that costs unlucky businesses significant amounts of money every year.

These attacks aren’t new, but the underlying social engineering is getting smarter and companies are getting caught. All businesses are likely to have been targeted or attacked in one form or another, said Michael Conway, director of Renaissance, and vendors help protect them by looking at things backwards. Enterprises primarily focus on Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance (DMARC), an email authentication, policy, and reporting tool that helps protect organizations against fraud by E-mail.

In short, it’s a way for someone to protect their domain from unauthorized use and give people confidence that only real emails are coming through.

Using existing authentication techniques such as DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), it offers instructions on what to do if an email does not pass any of these authentication methods, such as ‘send to spam folder or reject. entirely.

The vendors involved in this trade flow discussion, Hornetsecurity and Redsift, handle this in different ways.

For example, Redsift offers a product called OnINBOX that gives users a color-coded system to tell them if an email is good or suspicious. The RAG method is a simple way to alert someone if an email is not what it seems; and Hornetsecurity’s flagship product, 365 Total Protection was specifically developed for Microsoft 365 and provides comprehensive protection for Microsoft’s cloud services, further enhanced by its two recent acquisitions in the space, Altaro and Zerospam.

“They all play in this area in their own way,” Conway said. “What they’re trying to do is give recipients and senders of emails the certainty that they can trust the emails that come in.”

Cyber ​​Expo & Conference Ireland will be held at Leopardstown Pavilion in Dublin on Thursday April 28 from 8am to 4pm. To register, visit cyberexposureland.ie


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