Charles River Analytics received a two-phase contract from the Office of Naval Research for the development of a tool that can facilitate forensic analysis of the tactics, techniques and procedures of cyber threat actors.

The software company said Tuesday that the $2.5 million award under ONR’s Small Business Technology Transfer Program focuses on the Cyber ​​adversary discovery enginewhich uses artificial intelligence to help visualize and test TTP hypotheses about actors attempting cybertechnical and cybersocial attacks.

CADE uses machine learning based on a probabilistic programming language to detect changes in actors’ behaviors, which indicate a possible change in their strategy. It also works to identify actors through their signature TTPs and backgrounds.

Charles River Analytics collaborated with the University of Santa Cruz for the project, which has completed its design and feasibility testing phase. The second phase is underway and focuses on building prototypes.

“With CADE, we are developing a thought acceleration system that works with the complex reasoning that analysts already do in their heads…Having an analyst express their thoughts in terms of visualizations helps them put the pieces of the puzzle more efficiently,” Bryan said. Loyall, director of technology innovation and chief scientist at Charles River Analytics.


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