Travelers arriving and departing from the British Virgin Islands will be subject to heightened security measures now that a set of new immigration policies must be introduced in the territory.

Governor Augustus Jaspert said these policies will include the implementation of an Advance Passenger Information System (API).

In short, the API system is a way to improve border security by providing immigration officials with a manifesto outlining specific data about people before they arrive or leave the territory.

The system was created in the United States, but a number of other countries have adopted it over the years.

Governor Jaspert said the UK has already approved this system for BVI “in principle”.

He added: “A review of the Immigration and Passport Act is currently underway to transform and reform immigration legislation and policies, including online services, training and the introduction of the API system. , which will deal with the problems of integrated border management, automated border control. and international cooperation.

The governor made this statement during his Speech from the Throne on Thursday, September 13.

Continuous overhaul of immigration

Government officials, in recent times, have announced several ways that they intend to improve the local immigration system, which has been the cause of much public outrage; especially in the aftermath of the hurricanes of 2017.

In March, Deputy Commerce Minister Marlon Penn said plans were underway to merge labor and immigration processes to create a transparent online route for people applying for a work permit and authorization. immigration.

At the time, Penn said the government was considering a proposal from a benefactor interested in donating the programming software for the e-government platform.

And just a month before Penn’s announcement, the government said Her Majesty’s Immigration was testing an online application process for entry permits in an attempt to speed up the application process.

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