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Tasmanian Police will investigate the security procedures at Burnie Police Station following the escape of Braydon William Stanley. On Monday afternoon, Mr Stanley fled police custody after being arrested in Smithton for failing to appear on issues related to the Launceston court. He was not handcuffed at the time. He was brought to Burnie Police Station and, during treatment, managed to exit through the compound’s front door, before allegedly stealing a vehicle in the TasRail Yard adjacent to Burnie Harbor. He was seen around 5:30 p.m. Monday in the Burnie suburb of Brooklyn and the vehicle was picked up around the same time, having been abandoned. Burnie Inspector Adrian Shadbolt said the escape was an incredibly rare occurrence and that police were looking for Mr Stanley in Burnie, Somerset and the Smithton area. “We are going to conduct a thorough review of our security and obviously an internal review is to be expected in cases like this,” he said. “We will examine the actions of the police (…) using CCTV footage and also our own security devices at the police station.” He said officers were unlikely to be disciplined following Mr Stanley’s escape. “It’s a general procedure that when they are at the station and they report to a guard sergeant, the handcuffs are removed afterwards, at that location.” That is where he was when he went. then walked through the post. “Mr. Stanley fled the Burnie Police Station through an emergency door, which Inspector Shadbolt said could not be locked. The original charge against Mr. Stanley was” relatively harmless “, but he will now face another charge for escaping from custody. Inspector Shadbolt said the Tasmanian police rely on information from the community and welcome information from the community. community to ensure Mr. Stanley is returned to custody. He also reminded members of the public that helping or assisting a wanted person also exposed them to potential charges. Anyone with information should contact Tasmanian Police at 131 444, Ech ec crime at 1 800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au





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