Dozens of MSSPs and cybersecurity companies are expected AWS re: Invent 2021. But what will be the news of cybersecurity Amazon Web Services and its partners potentially unveiling at the conference? Stay tuned to this live blog for continued updates.

Here are the updates to date …

6. Extending the AWS Marketplace: Stephen Orban, Managing Director of AWS Marketplace and Control Services, is about to share some updates. Dozens of security tools are already available on the AWS Marketplace. It’s a safe bet that others will surface on the market this week …

Stephen Schmidt, RSSI, AWS

5. Continuous safety improvement session: In a session at the event, AWS Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Stephen Schmidt plans to discuss cloud security best practices, feature updates and how AWS manages security internally. The discussion, scheduled for December 2 at 1:00 p.m. PT, will focus on the future of security, identity, privacy and compliance tools.

4. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): According to an MSSP Alert study conducted in September 2021, 41% of MSSPs now offer cloud security posture management (CSPM) to their end customers. Yet customers and some partners continue to misconfigure their AWS workloads, sometimes leaving Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets and other cloud systems wide open to hackers. The big question: what steps, if any, will AWS take to further strengthen its own CSPM systems? We will wait for answers.

3. AWS adopts MSSPs: AWS announced a Level 1 MSSP Competency for AWS Partners in August 2021. Several of the Top 250 MSSPs and Top 40 Managed Discovery and Response (MDR) Service Providers have acquired this competency. Fast forward to today. We wonder if AWS will announce some novelties for the competence, as well as new members …

2. AWS Security Conference: Meanwhile, the AWS Cloud Security Conference re: Inforce 2022 is now confirmed for June 2022.

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Side note – Non-security related news: Follow general news from the channel and MSP partners during the conference here, via ChannelE2E.



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