Automated software testing plays an important role in ensuring quality at every stage of development. […]

Automated software testing can be an effective way to prevent your software from blasting your ears (c) pixabay.com

Every change to the code carries the risk of causing unwanted side effects that lead to error conditions. In order to find such errors at an early stage (and not just at the customer’s site), the automated tests must include the previous and new functions of Programming To Be Assured.

First, the project objectives (vision) and an approximate roadmap should be defined. the necessary income It should not be overlooked here. As expected, the initial effort to develop fully automated tests early in the project is considerably higher than it was later in operation. However, some “background noise” still remains, as test results need to be evaluated, test cases adapted, and new test functions implemented.

Once the procedures and processes for those to be tested are clearly defined, the tools and frameworks are chosen. Then, prototypes must be submitted initially in order to accept the tools used.

After successfully creating a (new) one, the test automation will start with the software version. It started automatically. In the case of installable software, this must be done in what is called “silent mode” without manual intervention. By the way, most installation programs offer an answer file, this contains the dialog boxes and corresponding entries as a text file that the user selected during the installation of the system for the first time.

Then programming It is configured automatically, defining its parameters, testing the correct performance of applications, services, browser, graphical interface, etc. If the software product to be tested supports different platforms (Unix, Linux and Windows), then all of these operating systems should be tested at best in parallel and at night. This means that long term testing can be done efficiently. The use of material resources is better distributed and the test results are available for further analysis in the morning.

When a large number of tests are run in parallel and on several different test systems, a virtual computer system, that is, a “virtual machine” (VM) is recommended. If you don’t want to use your own hardware, cloud computing is a great alternative. The necessary computer resources are provided here.

Fully automated development Softwartists It represents Robot frame To me as a clear first favorite. Critical factors include the complete modular system to expand functionality, as well as easy handling with good options for integration into existing projects. Another plus point is the simple tabular structure for the test cases, which means that a short training period is required.

The robot framework focuses on user testing (acceptance and full testing), but it is also used for system and smoke testing. The bot framework developed in Python is open source programming (Apache license) available for free. Currently (April 2021) version 4.0 is available for download. Installation from within the framework is straightforward, as only Python 3 and its package management “point” are required.

Two stable systems are available for test development and implementation, but can also be used together to gain the benefits of the respective environment:

As described above, all programming functions are tested automatically. The bot framework helps us with a variety of libraries and add-on packages that can be easily integrated. For example, this is a very stable SSH library. This allows all tests to be run on Windows, Linux, Unix and Co. Remote and reusable.

In the area of ​​end-to-end user interface (UI) testing for web browsers, new and modern browsers have been available since early 2021. Browser Library From the playwright, or who has been created for many years Selenium Ready. These libraries can be easily integrated into the robot frame. This makes it easier to check graphical functions such as mouse clicks or user input and output, both on websites and in the GUI.

Of course, self-written test scripts can also be easily integrated into the bot framework. Regardless of whether Java, Python, or shell scripts are preferred, only 0 or non-0 return values ​​should be considered for efficient reporting.

Detailed test reports are automatically created with the programming language name – Pages have been created. In addition, test results can be stored in a test management system such as imported TestLink. In order to be able to analyze errors more quickly, a precise description of the error as well as the output of the log files are very useful. In the case of a large number of tests, it is also a good idea to define the responsibilities of the tests. This allows colleagues involved in the bug to be dealt with automatically.

The icing on the cake, the graphic preparation of the test results is an integration with, for example, a Splink board to be seen. This is especially useful for a large number of Softwartists. Read the current position comfortably at a glance.

If that’s not enough for you, a traffic light system is ideal. With preset threshold values, different colors of USB traffic signal can be controlled. For example, if you come in the morning and see the red light go on, it is immediately obvious that some errors have occurred. Otherwise, the day could start quietly at the “green” light, that’s where all the programming tests took place. And that’s how it was tested without error!

Fully automated testing is an indispensable factor in developing agile software so that it is always bug free. Programming to be guaranteed. Automating overnight testing can provide valuable resources. Robot Framework is a great tool that can be used to automate all software testing.

* Timo Füg is well acquainted with quality assurance in software development and works at Uniserv GmbH as a technology leader for software quality assurance.



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