Yesterday, John Gruber of Daring Fireball criticized Apple’s new Studio Display for poor camera image quality, saying it was “crushingly disappointing”. Image quality is surprisingly poor and Center Stage is glitchy.

In an update to his original post, he shared new findings regarding the issue, noting that Apple’s Studio screen The webcam quality issues are a “last minute” software bug, which can be fixed in a software update since the display is running a full version of iOS 15.4.

“Several little birds familiar with the Studio Display, each bird independent of the others, tell me that image quality issues are really a software problem, not a hardware one,” says Gruber.

He continues that future software updates will not improve image quality but rather raise it to a level comparable to iPad models equipped with the same camera. “That would be great news, if it were true. But someone at Apple is having a really bad day today, if that’s true.

“Speaking of software updates for the Studio Display, you can check the “Display Firmware Version” in System Information, under “Graphics/Display”. There you can see that not only the Studio Display is running iOS, but it’s literally running iOS 15.4: “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241)” This is iOS 15.4 up to the build number — 19E241 is the same build number as iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4.

In the end, Gruber notes that while the camera’s image quality issues can be improved via a software update, “we’re not expecting a bug fix release for macOS 12, but for iOS 15. Or both ?”

Only time will tell how software updates for the Studio Display actually work.


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