Wouldn’t you like your Android to have so many bugs?

Apple’s buggy software is now so much a part of its users ‘lives that Jobs’ Mob has made a habit of promoting it in its advertisements.

Apple’s latest iPhone ad shows how super cool and wonderful it is for a text in an iMessage to escape from the animated bubble it’s supposed to stay in. While Tame Apple Press claims this is a minor issue, the fact that it can be seen in such a high-profile advertisement and no one finds it strange just shows the number of bugs in iOS 11.

9to5Mac Writer Benjamin Mayo spotted the bug in Apple’s latest ad and was surprised Apple approved the ad. He wrote about the bug months ago and filed a bug report with Apple.

OS 11 has many other issues, such as weird UI issues in the Music app, regularly misaligned text in the App Store, disappearing docks, and rotation issues. But we can guess that these will wait for Apple’s next advertising campaign.

Apple’s logic that it’s just a bug when it says it could backfire on the company. Apple fans have been complaining for some time that these are the kind of bugs the tame Apple Press used to poke fun at Android, and although the Google operating system is improving, iOS is fell into the toilet.



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