Accenture, the Irish software consultancy firm, has recently started to gain the attention of investors for its fantastic financial results and his forecasts for the next quarters.

First, Accenture recently reported revenues of US $ 14,970 million, an amount 19.4% higher than estimated by analysts and investors. In turn, his earnings per share (EPS) was US DOLLARS $ 2.78 in the last quarter, when specialists were only expecting US $ 2.62.

“Our exceptional first quarter financial performance and our ability to capitalize on market opportunities reflect continued market share gains,” he said. Julie sweet, current CEO of the company.

As if that weren’t enough, the multinational has released its sales forecast for the next quarter. Specifically, he announced that annual revenue growth is expected between 19% and 22%, whereas previously it was speculated with an increase of between 12% and 15%.

Among the reasons for this optimistic view is the fact that more and more customers are interested in cloud and cybersecurity services offered by Accenture, factors which have been reinforced with the arrival of the pandemic and the massification of remote work.

“This is the direct result of implementing a strategy for years to pivot our business towards digital, cloud and security,” said the leader.

After the news, New York Stock Exchange-listed Accenture shares soar more than 10%. Thus, its annual performance continued to outperform the benchmark, since, while the company rose 57% in dollars, the S&P 500 appreciated “only” by 25%.

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