How to get loan online?

Life is full of unforeseen circumstances and an online loan can help you in these moments. Not everyone is prepared for financial emergencies, and when they least expect it, they are faced with a situation and have nowhere to turn.

In this sense, online lending is a practical and bureaucratic-free solution, allowing customers easy access to money.

Wondering how to get an online loan? Then continue reading the article and find out how to get it.

What are the types of online loans?


Currently, the market offers some types of loans online. These loans are distinguished, above all, by their requirements, amount and destination of the money.
Among the types of online loans, the most requested are Personnel and Payroll.

Personal loan

Credit modality aimed at people who are linked to financial institutions and their respective services, such as credit card, checking account, check, among others.

One of the advantages of the personal loan is that the customer can make the payment in installments several times. In relation to rates, they may vary.

Payroll loan

It is a modality aimed at private-sector workers, civil servants, retirees, and pensioners.

The main advantages of the payroll loan are the low-interest rate, compared to the overdraft and the possibility of contracting the service even when the consumer has outstanding debts – the dreaded “dirty name”.

3 steps to get your loan online


To apply for your loan online, you need to follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Simulation: the first step is in the simulation. Today, almost all financial institutions make the simulation tool available on their websites, so that consumers can know the loan amount and monthly installments beforehand.

STEP 2 – Definition of the maturity date and number of installments: once the simulation has been made on the institution’s website, it is necessary to define the number of installments and the maturity date of the slips.

This step is very important and requires great planning, after all, you must consider your monthly earnings, as well as your expenses, both fixed (water, electricity, internet, market) and extras.

STEP 3 – Submission of documentation: the third step of applying for an online loan consists of registering the bank / financial institution’s website.

In this step, it is necessary to send the required documentation (in the course of the article, we list the requested documents). It is worth noting that each institution has its own rules, which may vary. Therefore, it is important to pay attention at this time.

After sending the documentation and signing the contract, you must wait for the credit analysis. Like the list of documents, the time of analysis varies from one institution to another.

Some organs can return between hours to weeks. If the loan is approved, the consumer receives the requested amount in his account in a matter of hours or the next day.

The benefits of online loan

Unsure whether or not to apply for a loan online? Below, we list the main benefits of this type of credit.

  • Practical and comfortable, it is not necessary to leave the house to register and request
  • Customized forms of payment that meet customer needs
  • The best solution for those looking for money urgently

What are the requirements to get the loan online?


To get your loan online, it is necessary to comply with some requirements imposed by the financial institution.

It is worth noting that there may be some variations from one institution to another, but in general, the requirements are usually the age group above 18 years and the presentation of the following documentation:

  • ID card
  • PDF
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address

Loan Guarantee – Lower rates


Here on the Good Finance website, we are specialists in secured lending. The types of loans we offer are the vehicle secured loan and also the property secured loan.

In both cases, interest rates are much more interesting than the online loan, in addition, the terms are much more comfortable. Here you apply for your loan online too, with the advantage of having a very attractive condition.

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