Avail credit even without a husband.

The loan without a husband can basically be realized. If the conditions for borrowing are met, the bank does not care whether the husband signs the loan or not. However, the husband’s signature is required for large amounts of credit. A loan without a husband need not mean that the borrower does not inform her husband about the loan. Financial secrets have always led to marital disputes.

The loan without a husband

The loan without a husband

If the borrower has a sufficiently high income, a positive Credit Bureau and a permanent position, a loan without a husband will definitely be approved. Problems can arise if the income is insufficient or if there is no income at all. A loan approval is then usually given if the husband’s income is included in the loan.

There are many reasons for applying for a loan without a husband. Perhaps the husband can look forward to a milestone birthday in a very short time or another anniversary is pending, so the wife would like to surprise her husband with an extraordinary gift. But often a loan is also taken out without a husband in order to fulfill a longing for oneself.

Banks are rather skeptical about loans with just one signature. They would rather see a second borrower or a guarantor, especially if the creditworthiness is not sufficient. Banks then require additional collateral. Generally, however, if the requirements are met, a loan is approved without the man’s signature.

If the borrower has sufficient income and is otherwise solvent, in most cases there are no difficulties with a loan. However, the income must come from a self-employed activity and must not be pledged. It must also be high enough that a attachable portion can be shown. If the borrower is self-employed or only has household money available, there will also be no loan without the husband’s signature.

The budget bill

The budget bill

If the wife has the higher income and the man is at home and in charge of the household, the woman is considered the main borrower at the bank. If such a case arises, the question is raised that the husband can take out a loan without his wife.

If the wife takes out the loan on her own, the bank will also draw up a budget for her. However, the bank will calculate the husband’s income in this plan. If the budget looks reasonable, there is nothing standing in the way of a loan without a husband.

When it comes to the liability of the loan, the picture is somewhat different. The borrower is generally liable for the loan amount from the contract. On the other hand, spouses are economically mutually liable unless a marriage contract has not been drawn up exclusively. The consequence of these legal requirements, the specification of the husband’s salary is only allowed if the loan is used without a husband for a living or for an acquisition with regard to the common apartment.

However, the budget will also determine whether the borrower can pay the installments alone. For this purpose, the income and expenditure are listed against each other. If a plus comes out, it could be used for the installments. For this purpose, the wages of the wife and, if applicable, that of the husband are checked. For this, the bank needs proof of salary or a pension notification. A child benefit notice can also be included. To do this, the borrower must know that documents to be presented must be in her name.

The Swiss loan

The Swiss loan

However, problems arise if the wife does not have her own income or only has the household allowance available. In this case, the bank will refuse the loan without a husband, unless the husband’s income is included in the loan. Of course, this presupposes that the husband knows about the loan. Ultimately, he will have to sign the loan agreement.

Another loan option is the Swiss loan. This type of loan is normally sought by customers with poor credit ratings, and only negative entries are made in Credit Bureau. The peculiarity of these loans is that Credit Bureau is not queried. However, the foreign bank will inspect the public debt register. If private bankruptcies, disclosure oaths or loan terminations are noted there, there will be a credit exclusion.

If the wife practically wants an anonymous loan, this type of loan is ideal for this. The house bank will not find out about this loan, nor will the Credit Bureau. However, this bank also imposes strict conditions. As with other banks, income must also have an attachable share. The income must also not be pledged.

The wife must have an employment relationship which is subject to social security contributions and from which the income comes. The employment contract must not be limited or terminated. Since the loan amount can also be paid out by post, as requested, the loan amount does not appear on the checking account. The loan amounts are also limited. As a rule, only 3,500 USD or a maximum of 5,000 USD are awarded. The terms of both loans are 40 months. The rate for the USD 3,500 loan is USD 105.00, and for the USD 5,000 loan USD 150.00. There can be no deviations from this.

If the borrower wants to make it easy for her, she can hire a loan broker. The latter then stands between the bank and the borrower and arranges the loan. He will also provide his client with the necessary documents that are required for a loan without a husband without the need for a license. On the one hand, this is proof of the salary and, on the other hand, a copy of the employment contract.

However, the borrower should know that she makes sure that the credit broker works seriously. If he requests advance costs or prepayment without a loan being applied for at all, the agent should be changed. Signing dubious insurance contracts to increase credit opportunities is nothing more than dubious business conduct.

The loan is awarded at an interest rate in the double-digit range and should be repaid as punctually as possible. If there are any payment problems, the bank will immediately seize the wages.

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